Greg Sharp


CABA ALL-AMERICAN TOURNAMENTS AND SHOWCASES is led by Greg Sharp as the company’s owner/founder. Greg has 30+years of experience in baseball and softball, including:


  • College baseball playing experience
  • Professional baseball business operations experience, having worked with the Anaheim Angels, Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A’s and Milwaukee Brewers organizations.
  • Current College baseball coach
  • High School baseball and softball coaching experience 
  • Travel Ball baseball and softball coaching experience
  • Many years of Marketing/Advertising in the private sector.

Throughout his many years in baseball and softball, Greg has accumulated many valuable relationships within the baseball and softball communities, including those which led to him being named the NW/MW REGIONAL DIRECTOR for CABA/AABC. Greg will utilize his many relationships within the professional, collegiate, high school and travel ball ranks to secure participation in helping fill specific roles in implementing the GOLD STANDARD CABA All-American tournaments and showcases

Jason Gaskill


CABA All American Tournaments and Showcases is managed by Jason Gaskill.  

Jason is a business development specialist.  While his primary educational background is in History and Philosophy, and he has an MBA (with Distinction), his professional career is exclusively in business development, primarily in the strategy, planning, and creative operations development spaces of start-ups and expanding businesses.


Steve Avila


CABA All-American Tournaments and Showcases is proud to have as a partner and consultant in Steve Avila, Vice President for Continental Amateur Baseball Association (CABA) and American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC). 

Steve is one of the most connected baseball persons in the professional, collegiate, and amateur baseball ranks. He is a long-time supervisor and scout for the Cleveland Indians. His experience in evaluating talent, along with his many coaching and scouting relationships across all levels of baseball are instrumental in gaining traction and support in putting on these tournaments and showcase events. CABA All-American will be leaning on the relationships Steve has throughout baseball, and those Steve has introduced to Greg throughout their years of relationship, for advice and mentoring.

Steve is also very well connected in the international baseball and softball markets, as CABA All-American Tournaments and Showcases have secured agreements to travel to international competitions in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates and South Africa, and Hawaii.